We offer to our customers several options of financing by means of a bank credit or leasing using credit lines of European banks.   long-term credit financing by foreign banks for up to 5 years (mimimal amount of the deal - 250000 Euro) on the following conditions:

  • 1. 15% of bonded goods value (terms of delivery - DAP (Incoterms 2010)) are to be paid through bank transfer or by means of a letter of credit executed by a foreign bank - payment by installments or deferred payment for 1 year 2.
85% of bonded goods value (terms of delivery - DAP (Incoterms 2010)) are to be paid by means of credit resources of foreign banks attracted on the terms of national export financing insurance companies (Euler-Hermes (Germany), Delcredere | Ducroire (Belgium), SACE (Italy), COFACE (France) etc.) for up to 5 years .

  This financing scheme has the following advantages: 
  • acceptable interest rate on the foreign banks credits;

  • long term of credit;
  • the first payment out of 85% can be made with a delay from the delivery or from the equipment commissioning date.

Option 2 

  • 100% of the goods value are to be paid by means of short- and medium-term credit lines provided by foreign banks for 1-2 years. Payment by installments/ deferred payment is also possible. This financing scheme has the following advantages:
  • acceptable interest rate; - no expenses on the financing insurance; 
  • financing can be arranged within short time. Notes: 
  • All the above mentioned financing schemes are arranged through authorized national banks
  • The final decision concerning the possibility and conditions of financing has to be made by a national bank depending on the customer's credit scoring (favourable balance, sufficient financial flow and security interest).
  • The final structure and conditions of the financing depend on a gi


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