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  Service is one of our priorities and our main investment.

  When you become our customer, you get our unconditional obligation to carry out qualified warranty and post-warranty service in accordance with the technical requirements of the manufacturing plants. We have everything to provide for the flawless operation of your machine – highly qualified personnel, special tools and equipment: :

- our service center located nearby the main spare parts depot, with workshops for the repair of combustion engines, mechanics, hydraulics and fuel systems.
- experienced service technicians, who had special training at the manufacturing plants.
- maintenance team in every region, cars equipped with general-purpose and special tools for repair and maintenance.
- local and remote technical support from manufacturing plants.
   Service list:

• installation and commissioning
• pre-delivery inspection and customer’s personnel training
• warranty and post-warranty repair (combustion engines, mechanics, hydraulics, electric system)
• onboard computers programming on tractors and combines
• air conditioner refilling
• scheduled maintenance
• defect identification
• preparation for winter storage and for work in the field after it
• additional customer personnel training
• free on-call consulting


…ensure reliability and longevity of your machines

If you become our customer, you get access to the full stock-list of original spare parts and equipment produced by our partners:

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  • tractors Magnum, Steiger, Puma, T9000/T9, T8000/T8, T7000/6000, Fiatagri
  • combines TC, CS, CSX, CX, CR, CF, 525/527
  • forage harvesters FR, FXX
  • balers BB, BR, BR Combi, BC
  • telehandlers LM

…and many others.

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  • combined seeder units AD, Avant, Cirrus, Citan
  • spraying machines UF, UG, UX, Pantera
  • precision seed drills ED, EDX
  • cultivators KE, KG, Centaur
  • harrows Catros
  • mineral fertilizers spreaders Zam, ZG-B
  • municipal machines AMAZONE

……and many others   

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  • cultivators Vector, Allrounder, Vario, Greenmaster

…and many others.

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…and many others


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  • millers Meri Crusher
  • milled and sod peat harvesting machines
  • …and many others


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Оригинальные масла и смазочные материалы для техники CASE и NEWHOLLAND, а также иных производителей:

  • engine oil
  • transmission oil
  • hydraulic oil

Our consultant engineers will help you to define the part numbers and make an order correctly.

Official representative and first importer in the Republic of Belarus! All products are certified!



We offer to our customers several options of financing by means of a bank credit or leasing using credit lines of European banks.

Option 1

 long-term credit financing by foreign banks for up to 5 years (mimimal amount of the deal - 250000 Euro) on the following conditions:

  •  1. 15% of bonded goods value (terms of delivery - DAP (Incoterms 2010)) are to be paid through bank transfer or by means of a letter of credit executed by a foreign bank - payment by installments or deferred payment for 1 year 2. 
85% of bonded goods value (terms of delivery - DAP (Incoterms 2010)) are to be paid by means of credit resources of foreign banks attracted on the terms of national export financing insurance companies (Euler-Hermes (Germany), Delcredere | Ducroire (Belgium), SACE (Italy), COFACE (France) etc.) for up to 5 years .

  This financing scheme has the following advantages: 
  • acceptable interest rate on the foreign banks credits; 

  • long term of credit; 
  • the first payment out of 85% can be made with a delay from the delivery or from the equipment commissioning date. 

Option 2 

  • 100% of the goods value are to be paid by means of short- and medium-term credit lines provided by foreign banks for 1-2 years. Payment by installments/ deferred payment is also possible. This financing scheme has the following advantages: 
  • acceptable interest rate; - no expenses on the financing insurance; 
  • financing can be arranged within short time. Notes: 
  • All the above mentioned financing schemes are arranged through authorized national banks. 
  • The final decision concerning the possibility and conditions of financing has to be made by a national bank depending on the customer's credit scoring (favourable balance, sufficient financial flow and security interest). 
  • The final structure and conditions of the financing depend on a gi

ABOUT US SV Maschinen GmbH group of companies (trademark “SV Maschiny”) has a long-term experience in the sales and service of high-class machines and technological equipment. We are engaged in the following industries: Agriculture - agricultural machines and equipment; Manufacturing industry - metalworking machines; Energy production - equipment for peat bogs development Municipal services - cleaning of streets and park areas SV Maschinen GmbH uses a complex approach to every project by completing the full range of tasks: - engineering/ supply - financing with attracting foreign credit lines - commissioning and personnel training - warranty and post-warranty service and repair - supply of original spare parts and consumables.
The headoffice of SV Maschinen GmbH is located in the suburbs of Cologne, in the federated state North-Rhine Westfalia, a well-known industrial region of Germany and Western Europe. The convenient location close to the most important manufacturing, financing and transportation centers helps us to complete a wide range of tasks timely and effectively. In 2010 we created a subsidiary company – “SV Maschiny” – in Minsk, Belarus. This company provides service and technical support for our customers in CIS countries. SV Maschinen is a team of professionals with at least 5-years experience in sales, financing, service and maintenance of machines and equipment. High level of competence, commitment to results, individual approach to the customers – these are the main features of our employees. Competent and balanced approach to the projects, commitment to long-term partnership provide for the customer confidence, which helps us to move forward and feel confident about the future. One of our slogans is ‘We do not sell - we supply!” We are always open to new ideas and will be glad to see you among our partners and customers. Yours faithfully, SV Maschinen GmbH

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